Hit The Button RPG 1.1 – Now with weapons!

Hit The Button RPG 1.1 Last week I released the first major minor update for Hit The Button RPG and it is available on the App Store. Along with some balancing changes the big new feature was the addition of weapon drops. While weapons essentially work like other equipment – monster drop them, you equip them and gain stats, rinse and repeat – they add a new twist: chance on hit effects.

So far four effects have been implemented: stun, bleed, knock back and chain lightning. In spirit of the rest of the game, the chance on hit effects have randomly generated attributes such as probability, duration and how many times the lightning can bounce. During play testing the new effects seemed a bit underpowered but I’d rather start with them as such and perhaps give them a nice buff later on.

Definitely the neatest thing is that the equipped weapon is shown on character during action. It adds such a nice visual element that I may consider adding similar approach for other item slots.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick update regarding the version. I’d be glad to hear any suggestions on what more could be added into the game so please leave a comment below :)

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Hit The Button RPG released!

Hit The Button RPGIt’s been a long time since I’ve last updated this blog but I’ve been spending pretty much all of my free time to finalize my first iOS game Hit The Button RPG. Hit The Button is an action role-playing game with a unique twist: all player character controls such as moving, attacking, using special skills are done with a single button.

The development process began in summer 2014 when I started making the first working prototype of the concept – with some very ugly placeholder graphics.  For various reasons the development faded away from my weekly schedule during the autumn and the project was pretty stopped until summer 2015.

“Luckily” the summer of 2015 had quite bad weather throughout the whole summer so I had a good excuse to stay inside and write some code. Most of the added features were things I was interested in implementing; algorithms to control enemy spawn rates, randomly generated quests and loot. Eventually the game started to feel like it could actually become something worth releasing so I started putting more effort on creating content (new monsters and levels etc.), finalizing the graphics and the flow of the game.

At some point I had a “backlog” written on paper which I considered as “things that need to be done for the game to be releasable”. It was quite satisfying feeling just to know that kind of backlog existed. I’ve scrapped some of my older game projects before because it has felt like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel – like there’s an endless list of unknown things that would need to be done before the game would be ready. Even though I probably made one or two similar “things that need to be done for the game to be releasable” backlogs after finishing the first (Feature creep!), having that kind of backlog gave much confidence to drive the project to the release point.

And that point is now as Hit The Button RPG is available on the App Store.

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WaterBox project page available

There’s a new project project page available with some retrospective thoughts for my first mobile phone application: WaterBox. Released in July 2008, WaterBox was a fluid simulator for Symbian S60v3 phones (like Nokia N95) that is based on smoothed-particle hydrodynamics.

To the WaterBox project page

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Small preview on @iochili project article

I’m working on an article about my tweeting hydroponics chili plant project @iochili that has light, temperature, reservoir water level and grow tray mass sensors – powered by ESP8266.  A Raspberry Pi reads the sensor data over WiFi, analyzes it for various events such as watering or exceptionally hot day. If an event is detected, it will tweet a random-ish message regarding the event.

Currently the project has run for about a couple of weeks and there are some statistics available so I decided to release the statistics web page before the actual article.
@iochili statistics

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